10 Things To Know About… La Vuelta A España

It’s rest day at La Vuelta.. have you been keeping up? With just six stages remaining, here is some background information about the race published on back in the hot, sultry [are you sure?] days of August. Interesting to compare the names mentioned in point 10 with the current leader of the race and the man currently in second place…

After this year’s visit to see the Tour de France and my ever-growing enthusiasm for the Tour de Yorkshire, I feel I should know the other big ‘classic’ races better than I do. Yesterday saw the start of La Vuelta, Spain’s grand tour, so I’ve just given myself a crash course in its organisation and its history and this is what I’ve come up with: La Vuelta in 10 key facts:

  1. La vuelta‘ translates as ‘the lap’ but remember that in Castilian Spanish the ‘v’ is pronounced like a soft ‘b’ in English so pucker your lips and start saying /bwelta/ rather than /vwelta/.
  2. It started in 1935 and the 2017 Vuelta is the 72nd running of the race. There was no race from 1937 to 1940 to ‘accommodate’ the fighting of the Spanish Civil War, in 1943 and 1944 because of the Second World War (although…

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