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Meanwhile In The Civilised World…

A couple of European cycling-themed videos from Brut Nature FR, a French ‘new media’ company that seems to exist on social media but nowhere else. Anyway, I digress. Both are short and both worth watching; the first about the EuroVélo 6, the second about how the bicycle has […]

Cycling Day T+10: Hamburg HBF, Germany

A more organised second day of train travel (compared to the last-minute complexity of the trip from Hirtshals to Hamburg). Hamburg to Rotterdam by train – 3 of them – and then the ferry tonight at 9pm. That said, Deutsch Bahn decided to replace the first cycle-friendly IC […]

Cycling Day T+7: Bergen

The MS Lofoten docked in Bergen earlier this afternoon and I spent the afternoon having a good old wander around Norway’s second city and my new favourite Norwegian place. It’s charming! Tomorrow morning I catch the ferry to Denmark for an afternoon and overnight voyage south to Hirtshals. […]

Cycling Day T+2: Honningsvåg

As the sun peeks over the hill at 5am, it’s just me and a certain bicycle waiting by the quayside in Honningsvåg for the start of our long and hopefully leisurely journey back to Yorkshire. The MS Lofoten has yet to dock but when it does it’s a […]

Cycling Day 66: Lysekil To Tanumshede

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. The bad news: I never did get my clothes washed. The good news: who cares? It’s be a fantastic day of cycling in a magnificent corner of Sweden under a bright blue sky. There isn’t a great deal […]

Cycling Day 61: Helsingør To Båstad

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. Båstad. The Rough Guide to Sweden sees fit to give the pronunciation: /bow-sta/. It didn’t prevent me from smirking when I saw the town on the map this morning when still in Denmark and choosing it as my […]

Krongborg Slot, Helsingør, Denmark

So, shortly after arriving in Helsingør (see previous post that I have yet to write but hopefully by the time you see this, I will have done… such is the world of running a travel-related website) I returned to the centre of the town. The main attraction is […]

Cycling Day 60: Copenhagen To Helsingør

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. Just as it was yesterday, rain has been a theme of the day, but when I ‘woke’ (for the third or fourth time) there was no pitter-patter of raindrops upon my tent. That said, dampness was still in […]

Copenhagen: Cycling City? First Impressions… 

The question mark is a touch rhetorical… Of course it is! There are bicycles everywhere and cycle lanes take you from anywhere to anywhere. That’s really not surprising, but… Contrary to what the ‘everything-about-cycling-in-Britain-is-rubbish’ crowd would have you believe, there’s a large minority here who wear helmets, a […]