Krongborg Slot, Helsingør, Denmark

So, shortly after arriving in Helsingør (see previous post that I have yet to write but hopefully by the time you see this, I will have done… such is the world of running a travel-related website) I returned to the centre of the town. The main attraction is the Krongborg Castle, built to collect the taxes of ships passing into and out of the Baltic Sea (and rebuilt over time by the proceeds of those very same taxes). I wandered around by myself initially before a short guided tour in English started at 3.30pm. The woman leading the tour did speak a little like someone reading the results from the Copenhagen jury on the Eurovision Song Contest; lots of smiling and pauses for reaction to her one liners, irrespective of whether there was a reaction or not. She kept smiling however… Hamlet references were made of course but when the guide suggested that Shakespeare himself may have visited the castle, I did raise an eyebrow. Am I right in thinking that it is generally accepted that Shakespeare never left England? Then again, did he write the plays in the first place? Who knows…

Some of you may like this, others will loathe it. Here’s an initial gallery of photographs of the castle:

And here are the photos on my chosen theme of ‘surfaces’:


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