An Evening Of Pscycle Analysis, Wednesday 26th February

10101_517933384992767_1136479_nYesterday I popped down to London to meet Michaela Delmonte at the Cycle PS bike shop-cum-cafรฉ in Camberwell Church Street (SE5 8TR) that is run by her friend Harvey. Michaela describes herself as a “…food designer and novelty cake maker, artist, swing dancer, cyclist, founder of Pscycle.” We did spend quite a bit of time chatting about the food designing, cake making & swing dancing but I’m guessing you are more interested in the latter two things in her list; cycling & Pscycle. Actually, Michaela is a very ordinary cyclist (in the nicest possible way) in that she has a bike and she cycles. She doesn’t see herself as fitting into any of the cycling tribes that are so often bandied around nowadays – the roadies, the fixies, the urbanites (or indeed the touries – have I just invented a new word?) – she simply likes to cycle. She has, however, set up what is called Pscycle Analysis which is an event that takes place on the last Wednesday of every month in the Cycle PS cafรฉ. Basically, it’s an opportunity for people to come along and chat about cycling in its many and varied forms. There is also a speaker who comes along and (hopefully) gets the conversation going (you can probably see where this is going…) and next Wednesday, the 26th February, that speaker will be me! So, if you live in London or nearby and fancy not only meeting me but hearing what I have to say about my life as a tourie (that sounds far too much like ‘Tory’ so I’ll stick to ‘touring cyclist’) come along to Cycle PS, 41 Camberwell Church Street (it’s on Cycling Superhighway 5, the nearest tube/train is Denmark Hill or a walk down from Oval but I’ll be on the 43 bus from Paddington), SE5 8TR. The best thing about it is that it’s free! Food and drinks are available including pints of Singha beer for just ยฃ3.50. It kicks off at 7:30pm & I’ll hopefully see some of you there!Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 11.34.53

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