Cycling Day T+10: Hamburg HBF, Germany

A more organised second day of train travel (compared to the last-minute complexity of the trip from Hirtshals to Hamburg). Hamburg to Rotterdam by train – 3 of them – and then the ferry tonight at 9pm. That said, Deutsch Bahn decided to replace the first cycle-friendly IC train to Osnabrรผck with a decidedly cycle-unfriendly ICE one. Good news for passengers – the ICE trains are the sleak, modern intercity jobs – but not so good for me and Reggie. Queue a bit of pleading “…but I have a ferry reservation in Rotterdam…” with the conductor; he relented and we are now in 1st class (albeit the corridor) at the very end of the train. The doors closed seconds after boarding… Let’s hope the rest of the day goes more smoothly.   


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