Sunday: The Day Of Rest (In Møns Klint)

Fear not! I haven’t suddenly gone all religious… 


…but after a full week of long, strenuous and flattish rides (ones that rarely give you an opportunity to sit back in the saddle and relax), I’m taking an impromptu day off. Møns Klint with its allegedly spectacular cliffs (I have yet to see them) seems like a good place to pause for 36 hours. 


Apart from a bit of cliff watching, I will hopefully get a chance to reply to the lengthy list of emails in my inbox, finish off writing about cycling day 57 and for a fair chunk of the day, do nothing. I think I’ll kick off my day by doing a bit of the latter… 

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  1. Cannot believe that you are in Denmark already, you seemed to have taken the whole trip in your stride, fitness wise, as you never really complain of finding it very hard. Well done.


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