Ready To Take On Europe (Again)

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday 7th April, it’s a relatively short ride to Gibraltar and a final night of luxury in a hotel. On Wednesday it’s an even shorter ride to Tarifa and a campsite just to the west of Europe’s most southerly mainland point. Then on Thursday 9th I make my way onto the Isla de las Palomas, the starting point of the third and final European cycle to Nordkapp, Norway via France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden…


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  1. Good luck! – I don’t think we’ll pass, but I’ll look out for you anyway.. Maybe you should chalk “AS” wherever you stop, like Arne Saknussemm in Journey to the Centre of the Earth, so I’ll know I’m heading the right way!


  2. I will be following your trip especially the Swedish portion as it will be riding through sweden later this year, good luck


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