Equipment Update

The last couple of weeks have seen various items of equipment meet their maker, not just on the bike but other bits and pieces as well… Let’s starts with the bike however: 

  • Replacement chain, cassette, brake pads and rear wheel in Hamburg.
  • A new set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres this morning on the Danish island of Mรธn  

But off the bike I also have issues…

  • My Thermarest camping mat has developed an alarming bulge on both sides. It’s not yet fatal but makes using an already fairly uncomfortable way of trying to get some sleep even more uncomfortable. A replacement will be needed no doubt. I’ll look out for something in Copenhagen later this week.
  • The tent is sagging a little at the back. This is leading to the outer and inner tents touching and water dripping through onto my sleeping bag. No prospect of buying a new tent but I have acquired a small piece of wood from last night’s campsite that does the job of keeping the two skins apart remarkably well.
  • Minor tent issue: the peg bag has a hole in the bottom!
  • One of the locks on the iPhone 6 mount has has broken slightly. I’m not yet sure if this is going to affect the watertightness of the thing. Let’s just hope for no more rain(!). 
  • And finally my reading spectacles… The pair I brought with me from the UK had a crack. A minor inconvenience. When I saw a potential replacement pair on one of the ferries earlier this week I snapped them up on the spot discarding my old pair in the nearest bin. After only a few days however, the new frames have cracked and I’m now using them with a piece of sellotape keeping one of the lenses in place…

As for everything else, including the cyclist himself, so far, so good. Failings in most areas can be remedied while I’m in a relatively populated place like Denmark; more tricky when I’m north of Trondheim in Norway. 

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