Laura Birchenough in Figures

Laura Birchenough has just returned home from a cycle ride that took in the last part of the Eurovelo 5 – she stayed with Massimo Mazzone in Benevento – and then most of eastern / central Europe back to the UK. It seems to be the done thing to break down one’s trip into a series of statistics (Rachel McCormack did something similar which you can read here) and no doubt I will jump on this mathematical band wagon once I myself have some statistics worth publishing later in the summer. Anyway, in numbers, this is what Laura did (read the full post here);


  • Number of days travelling: 110
  • Total distance covered: 7,332km (4,583 miles) – not including sightseeing trips in the places where I stayed
  • Total number of days spent cycling: 78
  • Average distance per day (total): 67km/day (42miles/ day)
  • Average distance per day (excluding ‘rest’ days): 94km/day (59 miles/ day)
  • Average spend per day: £13.50
  • Number of countries cycled in: 16 (Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, UK)
  • Number of capital cities cycled in: 10 (Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Bratislava, Prague, Copenhagen, Brussels, London)
  • Number of punctures: 3
  • Number of worn out cycle shorts: 1 pair
  • Number of worn out knees: 1 pair
  • Number of ferries: 4
  • Number of (technically) illegal motorway trips: 3 (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania)
  • Number of couchsurfs: 21 (Benevento, Bari, Megara, Halkida, Vagia, Larissa, Platamona, Thessaloniki, Blagoevgrad, Clanditsa, Botevgrad, Varna, Bucharest, Craiova, Osijek, Slatina, Tata, Brno, Prague, Dresden, Brussels)
  • Number of amazing people I’ve met: Far too many to count…
  • I think (and in certain cases hope) she beats me on most of her counts. Well done to her!

    What do you think?