Copenhagen: Cycling City? First Impressions… 

The question mark is a touch rhetorical… Of course it is! There are bicycles everywhere and cycle lanes take you from anywhere to anywhere. That’s really not surprising, but… Contrary to what the ‘everything-about-cycling-in-Britain-is-rubbish’ crowd would have you believe, there’s a large minority here who wear helmets, a fair number who are fully clad in Lycra and a good number who ignore the traffic lights. What’s more, Copenhagen isn’t a city that has banished the car by any stretch of the imagination; what they do appear to have been successful in doing however is building a city where both cars and bicycles co-exist and neither is seen as a marginalised minority activity for the few. Yesterday afternoon I arrived from the south – not the nicest of approaches to the city – but after having decided to stay at the campsite 7 km to the north I cycled along one long road that was far more pleasant and interesting on many levels. One thing I noticed was just how many cycle shops there were so, this morning as I cycled back into the centre, I took a photo of all 18 of them… More Copenhagen thoughts and pictures later (if I haven’t just broken my camera when my bike toppled over in the wind. Yes, it’s still blustery and cold!)

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  1. Hmm looking at your route you practically passed my house yesterday! The southern approach is nice enough for fans of urban grit, if that’s what you meant…

    Best of luck with the weather this afternoon. Pretty typical Danish summer weather, reminds me of childhood summer holidays in Scotland.

  2. I wonder how many bike shops there are in KBH? Maybe it would make an interesting coffee table ART book!

    I think an aspect of bike culture that is often missed are the packs of drunken cyclists that roam at night… parties head off en masse to late night bars… flocks of wobbly well dressed pedalists…the peloton thinning as the night progresses until only the lonely pedal home the next day!

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