Cycling From Tarifa To Nordkapp In 235 Blog Posts

Finally, here it is; the complete list of posts from this summer’s cycle from Tarifa to Nordkapp. In the reorganised framework of you can find it under the ‘European Routes’ menu (Eurovelo 1) above and the listings for the individual countries can also be found in the ‘Countries’ section (along with all the posts from the previous trans-continental trips). I hope it is of some use to a few people out there.

Estepona: The Calm Before The Cycling
In Praise Of… Yep Bike
Ready To Take On Europe (Again)
Prologue Day 1: Estepona To Gibraltar
Prologue Day 2: Gibraltar To Tarifa
Breakfast In Tarifa
And We’re Off: Next Stop Nordkapp… (Well, Via…)
Cycling Day 1: Tarifa To Conil (Fuente Del Gallo)
Cádiz: The Return
Cycling Day 2: Conil (Fuente Del Gallo) To Jerez De La Frontera
Cycling Day 3: Jerez De La Frontera To Dos Hermanas
Paul, Mercedes Days And Seville
Cycling Day 4: Dos Hermanas To Sevilla
La Ruta De La Plata… More Details
La Plaza De España, Seville
Cycling Day 5: Sevilla To Monesterio
Monesterio: Thoughts For Today
Cycling Day 6: Monesterio To Zafra
Sunglasses: Third Time Lucky?
Cycling Day 7: Zafra To Mérida
In Praise Of… Spanish Road Signs
Cycling Day 8: Mérida To Cáceres
Cáceres: Bicycle Meets… Steps
Cycling Day 9: Cáceres To Plasencia
Cycling Day 10: Plasencia To Salamanca
Salamanca: Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Salamanca: The Rest…
Tarifa To Nordkapp: The Plan For Week 3
Vias Verdes In Northern Spain
Cycling Day 11: Salamanca To Zamora
Cycling Day 12: Zamora To Benavente
Cycling Day 13: Benavente To Palencia
Cycling Day 14: Palencia To Burgos
Cycling Day 15: Burgos To Santo Domingo De La Calzado
Cycling Day 16: Santo Domingo De La Calzado To Lorgroño
Cycling Day 17: Logroño To Pamplona
Cycling In Spain (Review)
Pamplona: Not Quite The Running Of The Bulls…
Pamplona: No Bull(s)
Cycling Day 18: Pamplona To Saint-Jean-Pied-De-Port

Cycling Day 19: Saint-Jean-Pied-De-Port To Capbreton
Reggie The Bike
Cycling Day 20: Capbreton To Saint-Julien-En-Born
Cycling Day 21: Saint-Julien-En-Born To Arcachon
Cycling Day 22: Arcachon To Gujan-Mestras
La Bonne Conduite Du Cycliste
The Atlantic Coast Of France
Cycling Day 23: Gujan-Mestras To Lacanau-Océan
In Praise Of… Fun Cycles, Maubuisson
Cycling Day 24: Lacanau-Océan To Royan
La Côte Sauvage: The Most Beautiful Point Of The Trip So Far?
Cycling Day 25: Royan To Rochefort
Cycling Day 26: Rochefort To La Rochelle
Cycling Day 27: La Rochelle To Niort
Cycling Day 28: Niort To Parthenay
Cycling Day 29: Parthenay To Saumur
Cycling Day 30: Saumur To Tours
Le Musée Des Beaux Arts, Tours: Digitally Revisited
So Far In France…
Tours, France
Rest Days 3 And 4: Loir Et Cher
Cycling Day 31: Tours To Amboise
Cycling Day 32: Amboise To Orléans
Orléans, France
Cycling Day 33: Orléans To Montargis
Cycling Orléans To Paris
Morning Wood
Cycling Day 34: Montargis To Fontainebleau
Cycle Route South from Paris by the Seine
Paris, France
Cycling Day 35: Fontainebleau To Paris
Rest Day 5: Paris
Cycling Day 36: Paris To Pierrefonds
The Curious Chateau Of Pierrefonds
Cycling Day 37: Pierrefonds To Seraucourt-le-Grand
Maubeuge: Crossing Points
Cycling Day 38: Seraucourt-le-Grand To Maubeuge
Cycling Day 39: Maubeuge To Chapelle-Saint-Lambert
Cycling In France (Review)

Rest Day 6: Waterloo, Belgium
Cycling Day 40: Chapelle-Saint-Lambert To Borgloon
Cycling Day 41: Borgloon To Maastricht

The Netherlands
Cycling Day 42: Maastricht To Aachen

Germany: The Plan (Ish)
Cycling Day 43: Aachen To Cologne
The Rhine Cycle Route: Really?
Cycling Day 44: Cologne To Düsseldorf
Cycling Day 45: Düsseldorf To Reckling-Hausen
Cycling Day 46: Reckling-Hausen To Münster
Münster: Paying Hommage To A… Road
Cycling Day 47: Münster To Vehrte
The German Town Of Syke
Cycling Day 48: Vehrte To Bremen (Via Syke!)
Rest Day 7: Bremen
Cycling Day 49: Bremen To Harsefeld
Cycling Day 50: Harsefeld To Hamburg
Rest Day 8: Back To School / Reggie Gets A Refit
Rest Day 9: Hamburg
The Start Of Part II: Hamburg To Denmark
Cycling Day 51: Hamburg To Borgdorf-Seedorf
Possibly The Best View From A Campsite So Far?
Cycling Day 52: Borgdorf-Seedorf To Missunde
Cycling Day 53: Missunde To Flensburg
Cycling Day 54: Flensburg To Fynshav

Cycling Day 55: Fynshav To Spodsbjerg
The View From My Breakfast Rock In Denmark…
Cycling Day 56: Spodsbjerg To Ulslev
Cycling Day 57: Ulslev To Møns Klint
Sunday: The Day Of Rest (In Møns Klint)
Rest Day 10: Møns Klint, Denmark
Equipment Update
Cycling Day 58: Møns Klint To Vemmetofte
Cycling Day 59: Vemmetofte To Copenhagen
Copenhagen: Cycling City? First Impressions…
Rest Day 11: Copenhagen, Denmark
Cycling Day 60: Copenhagen To Helsingør
Krongborg Slot, Helsingør, Denmark
Cycling Day 61: Helsingør To Båstad

Cycling Day 62: Båstad To Ugglarp
Cycling Day 63: Ugglarp To Gothenburg
Rest Day 12: Gothenburg / Göteborg, Sweden
Cycling Day 64: Gothenburg To Myggenäs
Tarifa To Nordkapp: Route Planning Gets Interesting… And Hot?
Cycling Day 65: Myggenäs To Lysekil
Tarifa To Nordkapp: 5,000 Km Down, 2,500 Km To Go…
Cycling Day 66: Lysekil To Tanumshede
Cycling Day 67: Tanumshede To Høysand

Cycling Day 68: Høysand To Oslo (South)
Rest Day 13: Oslo, Norway
Cycling Day 69: Oslo (South) To Langset
Cycling Day 70: Good Start!
Cycling Day 70: Langset To Redalen
Cycling Day 71: Preparing To Decamp
Cycling Day 71: Redalen To Ringebu
Cycling Day 72: The Climbing Starts…
Cycling Day 72: Ringebu To Grimsbu
Cycling Day 72: Good Architecture, Great View
Cycling Day 73: Grimsbu To Kvikne
Cycling Day 74: Northern Summer…
Cycling Day 74: Kvikne To Viggja
Cycling Day 75: The Norwegian Sea
Cycling Day 75: Trondheim
Cycling Day 75: Viggja To Trondheim
Rest Day 14: Trondheim, Norway
Tarifa To Nordkapp: The Final 25 Days?
Cycling Day 76: Trondheim
Cycling Day 76: Trondheim To Åfjord
Cycling Day 77: Åfjord
Cycling Day 77: Åfjord To Osen
Cycling Day 77: The Osen Fjord
Norway: The Story So Far…
Cycling Day 78: Osen To Namsos
Cycling Day 79: Grim Up North(ern Norway)
Cycling Day 79: Namsos To Kolvereid
Cycling Day 80: Morning Reflections…
Cycling Day 80: Water, Falling In A Good Way…
Cycling Day 80: Kolvereid To Vennesund
Cycling Day 81: Sømna
Cycling Day 81: The Best Yet?
Cycling Day 81: Vennesund To Søvika
Cycling Day 82: Along The Leirfjord
Cycling Day 82: Søvika To Aldersund
Cycling Day 83: The Arctic Circle
Cycling Day 83: Aldersund To Føray
Cycling Day 84: Føray To Skauvoll
Cycling Day 85: Skauvoll To Bodø
Norway Photographs: Cycling Days 83-85
Cycling Day 86: The Ferry To The Lofoten Islands
Cycling Day 86: Bodø To Ramberg
Cycling Day 86: The Photographs
Cycling Day 87: The Weather Report From The Lofoten Islands…
Cycling Day 87: Ramberg To Kabelvåg
Cycling Day 87: The Photographs
Cycling Day 88: The Return Of The Snow…
Cycling Day 88: Kabelvåg To Buksnesfjord
Cycling Day 89: The Best Campsite View Yet?
Cycling Day 89: Buksnesfjord To Bleik
Cycling Days 88 And 89: The Photographs
Cycling Along The Lofoten Islands… At Speed!
Cycling Day 90: The Return Of (A Bit Of) Blue Sky!
Cycling Day 90: Shall I?
Cycling Day 90: The Videos
Cycling Day 90: Bleik To Tromsø
Cycling Day 90: The Photographs
Tarifa To Nordkapp: The Final Week(ish)
Cycling Day 91: On The Road To Nordkapp
Cycling Day 91: The Afternoon View
Cycling Day 91: Tromsø To Rotsundelva
Rest Day 15: Tromsø
Cycling Day 92: Nordkapp 370km
Cycling Day 91: The Photographs
Cycling Day 92: Rotsundelva To Sekkemo
Cycling Day 93: Cold, Wet, Windy…
Cycling Day 93: Sekkemo To Alta
Cycling Day 94: The First Official Sign
Cycling Day 94: The Long, Straight Road To The North
Cycling Day 94: Another Coastal Campsite…
Cycling Day 94: Alta To Olderfjord
Cycling Days 93 And 94: The Photographs
Cycling Day 95: Current Position
Cycling Day 95: Olderfjord To Honningsvåg
Cycling Day 95: The Photographs
Cycling Day 96: Current Position…
Cycling Day 96: Ready For The Final Leg… Kind Of.
Cycling Day 96: The Calm Before The Storm
Cycling Day 96: Nordkapp, Journey’s End
Cycling Day 96: Celebrating…
Cycling Day 96: Honningsvåg To Nordkapp
Cycling Day 96: The Photographs
Nordkapp: The Midnight Sun
Cycling Norway: The Instagram Collection

The return to the UK
Cycling Day T+2: Honningsvåg
Cycling Day T+2: The Photographs
Cycling Day T+3: The Trollfjord
Cycling Day T+4: The MS Lofoten
Cycling Tarifa To Nordkapp: The Final Bit Of The Journey Home…
Cycling Tarifa To Nordkapp: The Limerick
Cycling Day T+5: Hurtigruten, Old And New
Cycling Day T+6: A Panoramic View Of Bergen
Sunset / Moonrise From The MS Lofoten
Cycling Day T+7: Bergen
Sortland: What Have I Started?!!
Cycling Day T+8: Farvel Norge
Cycling Day T+8: A Return To Denmark (And Germany, I Hope…)
Cycling Europe: The End Is Nigh
Cycling Day T+10: Hamburg HBF, Germany
Cycling Day T+11: Yorkshire, England
Cycling Day T+11: The Final Morning
Cycling Day T+11: Home…

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  1. Hello Andrew, thank you for sharing your achivement in cycle the Eurovelo south too north! I was snapping your heels for a while in my inspiration off yours trip. Started out 12 of may from Sevilla and tried too follow your route for a while upto Rochelle, France where I took a left too go up the Loire river and then Mosel into Rhein and home too Malmö,Sweden. I arrived home as you where approaching Helsingör, Denmark soo missed you with 24 hours for a chat! Would have been amazing too see yaa! You have been a true insperation for me as I went along so thanks again and all the best with your book! Kent

    • Hi Kent. Thanks for the message and congratulations on your own adventure. It’s a pity you didn’t get in touch when I was in Denmark; you could have perhaps persuaded me to slow down… You must have been covering some long distances if you set off on the 12th May and caught up with me. What was your average? And do you plan to cycle to Nordkapp from Malmö sometime? Good luck if you do!
      Best wishes & happy cycling

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