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New Year’s Day 2021

Just returned from a 14km walk. I took my camera with me for the first time in quite a while. I’d forgotten how nice it is just to wander and snap… If you happen to live local, you can probably work out my route. Happy New Year!

2020: The ‘Interesting’ Year In Review

So 2020… it will go down in history as the ‘interesting’ year. More infamous than famous. It does seem to have been a year that has passed very quickly. Perhaps it was the soap-opera nature of the whole COVID thing, waiting for the next bit of breaking news that might change our lives for the better but which, more often than not, delivered yet more bad news. However, in a year of many, many negatives it is worth reflecting upon the fact that the global pandemic did have knock-on positives. I don’t usually show it, but I consider myself to be an optimist and if ever there was a year when being an optimist – even a blind optimist – was more useful than ever, it has surely been 2020.

Rest Day 4: Belfast

Welcome to… Apparently it is owned by a property developer, which isn’t that surprising. I have spent the day wandering the city centre; from 11am on an organised ‘free’ walking tour with a couple from Hamburg, Germany although she was originally from Belfast. They were good company, as […]

The Changing Face Of The Cycling Europe Podcast

Today – at this very moment – I should have been on a plane flying to Japan. Clearly I’m not. So how best to use my time? How about an update of the podcast artwork? Great idea! You’d think that going from the ‘before’ picture on the left to the new ‘after’ picture on the right would be a simple business…