Bicycle Traveler: The Cycling World In Your Fingers

The morning when an email arrives informing me of a new edition of Bicycle Traveler magazine is a good one. What a great way to cast aside the Monday-morning blues. Grace Johnson (no relation to our own idiot-in-chief I hope…) is based in The Netherlands and the series that she curates is now in its 14th chapter…

Bicycle Traveler, number 14

…and it promises stories from around the bicycle touring world:

  • The Red Centre By Nick Thomson
  • The Road to Riyadh By Franรงois Loncke
  • The Places In Between By Nick Thomson
  • TransAmerica Bike Trip By Annalisa van den Bergh
  • Long Live the Bicycle By Rob Armstrong
  • Against the Wind By David Brankley
  • Cambodia By Liz Darley
  • One Quick Word About By Marco Liguori
  • My Motherโ€™s Coming to Stay By Leo Woodland 68 Moose Encounter By Katy Billington
  • Annapurna Circuit By Andrew Murphy
  • The Road Headed West By Leon McCarron
  • One More By Jerry Kopack
  • The Crash By Christina Vietinghoff
  • Life at the Edge By Rob Armstrong
  • The Tibetan Plateau By Jerry Kopack

Alongside some stunning (and I mean just that) photography:

  • France By Sรฉbastien Langlais
  • 36  Colombia By Mark Watson
  • Indonesia By Javier Bicicleting
  • Argentina By Ivo Jost
  • D. R. Congo By Javier Bicicleting
  • Kenya By Mandel Clotaire
  • Colombia By Mark Watson
  • India By Brigitte Jost
  • Tajikistan By Paul Jeurissen
  • Kazakhstan By Nick Thomson
  • Mongolia By Ivo Jost
  • Tanzania By Mandel Clotaire
  • Guinea By Javier Bicicleting
  • Peru By Hana Black
  • India By Paul Jeurissen

Download the magazine for free by following this link.

Photo credits: Javier Bicicleting, Ivo Jost, Andrew Murphy, Mark Watson

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  1. Oh dear, very dangerous! Have just downloaded and settled down with a cup of tea… Think I’ll try to persuade my employer to give me a year’s sabbatical. Except he probably won’t because he’s an idiot. I know this, because I’m self-employed.

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