Cycling Europe 2019: Days 20 & 21, Homeward Bound

Soon back home in Yorkshire to my pipe and slippers. Well, without the pipe and slippers bit… Thanks for following this little adventure. More to come, hopefully very soon.

And remember to keep fighting the impending horror that is Brexit. All of what I do here came about because for most of my life I have had the ability to travel and work without let or hinderance across the continent and in the process develop a deep and meaningful understanding of our neighbours across the channel from France to Greece, from Portugal to Norway and most countries in between.

Only 75 years ago, Europe was a war-torn continent, as it had been for most of the centuries preceding the 20th. Nationalism on this island is once again on the rise; the blaming of โ€˜othersโ€™ for our problems.

The European Union brought people together and quelled the far right, encouraging cooperation and maintaining the peace. Yet some think it is an expensive anachronism.

I do hope that my 2019 cycle across Spain will not be my last visit to a fellow EU state as a citizen of the EU. Keep up the fight!

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