Cycle Touring Photo Competition 2020: The Shortlist Public Vote

The judges have met, deliberated, discussed, debated and chosen their favourite ten photographs. If you made it into the top ten, congratulations! You have won a new EuroVelo overview map that will be in the post before the end of the month. If you didn’t make the top ten, commiserations; there’s always next year…

But the competition isn’t quite over yet. It’s now the public – yes, you! – who will decide the first, second and third prize-winning photographs. Democracy in action!


The voting closes at midday (UK time) on Sunday 7th June 2020

Here are the shortlisted photographs, in alphabetical order of first names:

Ceri Middleton

Ceri’s photo is full of anticipation, heading out into the unknown on a cool, misty morning. The low angle adds an element of drama to the photograph.

Craig Dodson

Fantastic and unusual cropping makes Craig’s photograph really stand out (and stand up!) against many others.

Csaba Rozsa

An iconic location for Csaba’s photograph exploits the symmetrical nature of the river and buildings to very good effect.

David Kimberley

Who wouldn’t want to be heading out with David on a ride like this? The tumbledown nature of the sign adds heaps of charm.

Emma Silversides

Great composition from Emma with real humour. Great spot!

Hans Van Der Veeke

Again, we are being lead into the unknown adventure ahead; the field pattern in Hans’ photograph is just beautiful!

Mark Williams

Mark’s photograph sums up the friendship aspect of cycle touring brilliantly. Is anyone not smiling?

Paul Berney

A great twist on the standard (and often uninspiring) selfie; great composition!

Scott Gilchrist / Cate Macpherson

And yet again we are excited by the anticipation of approaching that hilltop town; cycling is often just as much about stopping and staring and this sums that up perfectly.

Stuart Balkham

A picture that celebrates the fact that the whole family can be involved in cycle touring. We don’t need to see their faces to know that they are having fun.


What do you think?