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Cycling Flanders: Limburg, Knooppunts And The UCI World Championships 2021

In the summer of 2015 as I cycled from Tarifa to Nordkapp (and as subsequently recounted in the book Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie) there is one evening that stands out as being almost perfect. It was the day I cycled through the fruit orchards of Limburg in Belgium. The sun was out, the terrain not too challenging and the countryside around me a delight. Such was my mood that I treated myself to a rather nice B&B that evening in the town of Borgloon.

Cycling Europe: ‘A Time Of Birds’ By Helen Moat

Spring 2020 will forever go down in the annals of history as the time of the Coronavirus. We don’t yet know how the story will end – this is history in the making – but we do know that the pandemic has had a significant impact upon the lives of most people. Schools closed, festivals cancelled, sporting events postponed, film premieres rescheduled… Yet with the majority of the population at home, what better time to pick up a book and start reading. And what better time to head off on a vicarious cycle across Europe. But fear not! This is not some shameless plug for my own books. (Although they are rather good…) It is about a new book that is being published on April 9th called A Time For Birds by Helen Moat.