Episode 013: Helen Moat / A Time Of Birds, Anna Hughes / Flight Free 2020, Caroline Burrows / Poetry

The British people have spoken and, by popular demand, The Cycling Europe Podcast returns with episode 013. In this latest audio extravaganza of all things cycling, we head to Matlock in the English Peak District to meet the travel writer and long-distance cyclist Helen Moat. In 2015 she cycled across Europe on a ‘sit-up-and-beg’ bicycle more suited to doing the shopping than travelling thousands of kilometres across a continent. In April, her book, A Time of Birds – half-travelogue, half-childhood memoir of growing up during The Troubles of Northern Ireland – will be published by Saraband. Continuing this episode’s literary theme, we chat with another cycling author, Anna Hughes. She is campaigning for people to sign up to her ‘Flight Free 2020‘ initiative. We ask if cycle tours to far-flung corners of the world are incompatible with efforts to curb climate change. And finally, we meet Caroline Burrows. Caroline’s cycle tours are themed around great works of literature and poetry. They have even inspired her to put pen to paper and she reads one of her own poems about following in the footsteps of Wilfred Owen.

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  1. I’m tempted to make comments like : No the people didn’t vote knowingly etc …and in the school history books in your school in 2030 Brexit will be viewed as a terrible Big Mostake ….but I won’t . I suppose I should listen to these incredible women cyclists now and I will, with great pleasure ….it’s a distraction from leaving the EU !

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