Cycling Flanders: Limburg, Knooppunts And The UCI World Championships 2021

In the summer of 2015 as I cycled from Tarifa to Nordkapp (and as subsequently recounted in the book Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie) there is one evening that stands out as being almost perfect. It was the day I cycled through the fruit orchards of Limburg in Belgium. The sun was out, the terrain not too challenging and the countryside around me a delight. You can read what I wrote on the day itself by visiting this post of Such was my mood that I treated myself to a rather nice B&B that evening in the town of Borgloon. The sign – ‘Limburg fiets paradijs’ didn’t require a translation:

It was also the day I had been introduced to the system of knooppunts. Here I am explaining:

Here are a few updates about cycling in Flanders – basically the northern, Dutch-speaking part of Belgium – from Visit Flanders:

Cycling through the Heathland in Limburg

Spring 2021

“Following on from the international success of Cycling through the Water and Cycling through the Trees, the region of Limburg is about to launch its Cycling through the Heathland route. The new route which offers the chance to glimpse at grazing horses and other animal species, will be situated on the natural heathland in the oasis the Hoge Kempen National Park. The cycle path will feature a new wooden over-ground pier structure and adds to the region’s other unique cycle route experiences. After finishing Cycling through the Heathlands, Limburg then hopes to develop a new cycling highway, entitled Cycling Underground. But that will be a project for the future!”

Visit Flanders

Flanders launch new iconic cycling routes this Spring

“By the end of March, Visit Flanders will be launching a new website entitled Flanders By Bike which will feature information about new routes, bike rental, luggage transport ( for cycling holidays) and resting points. Further enhancements will provide a point to research route maps and publications. Some of the local themed routes include the Zenne cycle route close to Brussels’ green belt and home to a number of the region’s Gueze breweries and castles. The Voer Valley Cycle route will start and finish in Leuven and take a number of beautiful castles and landmarks like Tevuren Park( home of the Africa Museum). Elsewhere, the Scheldeland ( River Scheldt region) will offer a scenic route via the Asparagus ( also called “White Gold”)ย growing region of Flanders. Another route follows a former Vagrant colony route with fascinating stories of nature and heritage situated north-east of Antwerp. The Ghent Cycling route covers 37km of cycling around the city centre offering a view of its hidden gems and local hotspots as shared by its residents.ย www.flandersbybike.beย will be launched in late March 2021.”

Visit Flanders

UCI 2021 Road Cycling Championships

19-26 September 2021

Various Places

“Celebrating 100 years of this prestigious race, Flanders is the host of the 2021 UCI Road Cycling Championships. There is no bigger cycling event for the year. Time trials will start in the coastal town of Knokke Heist and finish in Bruges whilst the road races start in Leuven and finish in Leuven. It is hoped to be the biggest cycling event of the year and with its September timing, it is hoped it will attract travellers from all over the world, after the period of travel inactivity during the pandemic.”

Visit Flanders
The various cycle routes that cross Flanders

Header Image byย Roos Verhoorenย fromย Pixabay

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  1. This is something I want to do, and want to cycle this region. I am so ready for COVID to be over so that we can travel again and your blog is making me want to travel with my bike now!! I want to see flanders by bike, and be in historic bike country!

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    A piece of black tarmac walked into a pre lockdown pub one evening, as they do. The barman says, โ€œWe donโ€™t see many of your kind in here – what can I get you?โ€ โ€œA black velvet, please, while I wait for my friend.โ€ A little while later, a piece of green tarmac comes in – โ€œAh, hereโ€™s my friend the footpath. Heโ€™ll he have a green diesel.โ€ A bit later on, the door to the pub is pushed violently open, and a piece of red tarmac, with a shaven head, piercings and deathโ€™s head tattoos, swaggers in. โ€œBe very careful of this one,โ€ whispers the black tarmac to the barman, โ€œheโ€™s a cycle path.โ€

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