The Best eBike Routes In Europe

By Todd Bishop

Combining touristic sightseeing with fitness has become something of a modern craze. Swapping long days lounging by the pool for a spot of exercise and adventure is now very popular, and it’s even more accessible thanks to the advent of electric bikes. With an electrically-assisted bike, cycle routes that were once reserved for the fittest and most experienced cyclists are now viable options for families. As Timmy Mallett said in the most recent episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast, eBikes “transform your cycling” and are “without a doubt, a game-changer”. If you’re already a fan of this type of holiday, or if you’d like a piece of the action yourself, we’ve compiled some of our favourite European eBiking routes to help you decide on your next destination, especially if you are the proud owner of one of the best e-Bikes on the market.

Amboise to Montlouis, France (15km)

Being home to the most famous cycling competition in the world, France is an obvious choice for any cycling trip. The part of the Loire Valley route from Amboise to Montlouis is particularly beautiful. You’ll ride along peaceful country roads and pass plenty of vineyards. In Amboise, you’ll get to see the iconic Château de Chenonceau, a castle built in the 16th Century that straddles the Loire river. Your destination, Montlouis, is a medieval town with famed gardens and a thriving wine culture. The perfect place to finish a day’s ride on your eBike if you ask us. If you’d like to extend your trip, then you can continue along the Loire Valley, a route that spans 800km through the French countryside. You can find more information about this route here.

Bruges to Ostend, Belgium (32km)

Often described as being something straight from a fairytale, Bruges is one of Europe’s true gems. With churches that date back to the 13th Century and a very bike-friendly culture, it offers one of the best casual cycling experiences of any city. This cycle route begins in the heart of Bruges before taking you along the Bruges-Ostend Canal to the coastal city of Ostend. Ostend has long coastal beaches which provide a welcoming finish line to your eBike journey. Due to it being a coastal city, it’s perfect in the spring and summer, but perhaps best avoided during the winter months. You can find more information about this route here.

Windermere to Staveley, Lake District, England (17km)

England offers plenty of picturesque countryside spots that are ideal for ebike enthusiasts and novices alike, but none are more awe-inspiring than the Lake District. Steeped in history and with endless rolling hills, the entire region is a sight to behold. Windermere is a town by the lake of its namesake – the largest natural lake in England. The road bears east towards the village of Staveley, and on the way you’ll pass farms, streams and country cottages with constant views of the surrounding green haven. Being a rather hilly region, you’ll be glad for your electric bike’s assistance on some parts. Once you reach Staveley, you’ll loop back to finish at Windermere. You can find more information about this route here.

Camino de Santiago, Spain (39km)

The Camino de Santiago is one of the most famous pilgrimages in the world, spanning hundreds of miles across France, Spain, and Portugal. It has so many sections and they all make for an excellent ebike route. However, we decided that the section from Arzua to Santiago de Compostela, the culmination of the entire route, is not to be missed. You may be joined by others travelling the same route, whether by foot, by car, or by bike. You’ll finish by the masterpiece that is the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, which dates back almost a thousand years and is one of Spain’s foremost landmarks. You can find more information about this route here.

The Amalfi Drive, Amalfi Coast, Italy (49km)

The Amalfi Coast needs no introduction, revered the world over for its brilliant weather, breath-taking views, and eternal romance. That’s why it’s one of the best places to ride your ebike. You’ll meander along the coast from Amalfi to Positano. The best time to visit this region is early autumn, during September and October, so as to avoid the scorching heat that summer brings. With a constant sea breeze, there are few better stretches of cycling road in the world. As with the Lake District above, it can get rather hilly, so your electric bike’s motor will come in handy to keep you going without needing a break. You can find more information about this route here.

Wherever you decide to take a cycling holiday, we’re sure that these routes offer something for everyone, and there’s no better companion than the Furo X. A state-of-the-art electric bike that’s built for comfort and power. With a range of 55km, it’ll take you across all of these routes without issue, and once you’re done with cycling for the day, you can simply fold it up for easy storing and carrying. eBikes could be the future of personal transport, for cycling beginners and veterans alike.

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