Episode 012: Paul Cheese / The Big Record & Jess Odone / Italy To The UK

The Cycling Europe Podcast is back in the UK and heads to Scotland to chat with Paul Cheese, musician and long-distance cyclist. His travels took him on an astonishing journey to almost every nook and cranny of Britain with a bicycle between his legs and a microphone in his hand. Find out more about Paul, his music and his cycling on his website, We also catch up with Jess Odone who, as a novice touring cyclist, decided to cycle back to Britain after a couple of months living in Italy. Hear about the challenges and joys of climbing the Alps and heading home on two wheels. Would she recommend it to others? Keep listening to find out…

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  1. My favourite of your podcasts to date Andrew, especially the chat with Jess about EuroVelo5. It brought back happy memories of my own similar trip last year. I regret now that I took the paved road over the St Goddard pass. It was day 2 of my trip and I had never ridden in the Alps before. I was worried about having some kind of mechanical issue caused by the cobbles, so I opted for the easier route. It was so windy at the top though I had no time to stop and enjoy the views – I went straight to Andermatt via a terrifying decent at speed into the wind. Happy days though…

    • Thanks for the positive comments Paul. I suppose the big advantage of the cobbles road is that it is so quiet. The cobbles were quite tame in the end although I did worry prior to arriving in the Alps if that would be an issue.

  2. Really enjoyed listening to this Andrew, excellent ! I’m nearly 75 now and don’t do a lot of cycling anymore , but I can relive it thru your books & podcasts. Miss Odone was very interesting too .
    I drive to Italy, near Bergamo from Bradford twice a year & put my fold up bike in the boot. Then I cycle around Lecco on the river Adda . I also enjoy going over the passo San Gotthardo and stopping on the way ..So the podcast was great ..
    I’m hoping to come to listen to your talk in Halifax on the 31 st .
    Happy Christmas !

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