The Calder Valley And The Drone

Since purchasing the drone about a month ago, I’ve been continuing to take small steps towards making a film that involves some cycling. Although not quite there yet, this new film does tell the story of my 72 km ride yesterday along the Calder Valley and back with friend Craig. Hopefully the next film will involve some drone footage of a cyclist actually cycling. The cyclists featured here are all static; admiring the view, operating said drone or pumping up a tyre. It was a glorious day for a bike ride with barely any wind; it’s amazing to note how little wind is required to keep those turbines rotating. One day I’ll return up there with the drone and try to fly it through the turbines as they spin. Perhaps…

Below is the route that we followed, or rather, made up as we went along. The wind turbines are the ones on Warley Moor, near to Halifax Sailing Club:

I’m very grateful to the unknown cyclist who decided to stop here at just the right moment…

…and to friend Craig for adding a bit of ‘action’ via his puncture near Mytholmroyd:

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