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Cádiz: The Last Post

Once this is uploaded I’m off back to the flat to pack (listening to the leaders debate as I do so), have a shower and then hit the sack in preparation for a 6am rise and a coach to Tarifa at 7am. My time in Cádiz is done. […]

Cádiz: The End Is Nigh… 

Earlier today I attended my final lesson at the K2 Internacional language school here in Cádiz. The choice was a bit random and based primarily upon the school’s location on what looked like a nice square in the old part of town (and the impressive video on their […]

Cádiz: Semana Santa In Benedicion De Dios!

When I imagined Semana Santa in Cadiz, I thought it would be two or three religious-themed processions on Thursday and Friday of ‘holy week’. I wasn’t expecting thirty or more of them spread throughout the week and in many cases stretching late into the night. Last night the […]

Cádiz: Museo De Las Cortes 

Amazing model from 1779 now housed in the Museo de la Cortes. Hanging above the model is an iconic picture depicting the presentation of the 1812 constitution to the King, I think. Two years later in 1814 the (new?) King ripped it up, if not literally then metaphorically. […]