Cádiz: My First Day

Today has been very reminiscent of my first day at university over twenty years ago. It started with goodbyes, handshakes and embraces with members of my family (my uncle and his wife standing in for my parents this time around) followed by a long journey on a bus wondering just what I had let myself in for. Then it was my arrival in an unknown city surrounded by unknown people and lots of wandering around trying to look cool, calm and in control but probably I didn’t and wasn’t. At the allocated time I turned up to be shown my accommodation by the landlady. She was an affable woman and I understood most of what she said. The more important bits were probably included within what I didn’t quite understand but let’s not worry about that for the time being. I met the two people I with whom I will be sharing the flat – much more of them later no doubt – and then proceeded to unpack my things in a room that even a good protestant would think was a bit on the bare said never mind a catholic of which this city has many. No doubt more of that later as well. To bring the first day at university analogy to a close I have even forgone a healthy Mediterranean supper (not that one was offered) and instead contented myself very well with a large packet of nuts, a bar of chocolate and some wine which I am merrily consuming as I type. I am 18 again!

First impressions of Cadiz are very positive indeed. I spent much of the afternoon lugging my two bags around the city before I collapsed on a very ornate park bench waiting the stroke of 6pm and my rendez-vous with the landlady. Once unpacked I headed out again and my high first impressions were in no way diminished. The following photographs will give you a flavour of the place.

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