Cádiz: El Museo De Cádiz, Part 3

A modest collection of contemporary art on the second floor. It didn’t take me long to stroll around. The three-dimensional cardboard piece was my favourite, the contorted bodies reminding me of some of the religious stuff on the first floor (see earlier post). As for the black metal thing… Who knows? At least it inspired me to mention it in this post, which, I suppose, is what the artist might have wanted.

I love the coat of arms of Cádiz incidentally. It’s everywhere and here it is in stone in the museum entrance. It also crops up on the Spanish flag (the bit in the middle that’s just a squiggle if you ever try to draw it). The pillars are the famous Pillars of Hercules – Gibraltar and the Rock on the opposite side of the Straights of Gibraltar in Morroco – and until Colombus discovered the Americas the words read ‘non plus ultra’. They were subsequently amended to reflect the reality of there being something beyond the end of the Mediterranean Sea… Just look at that face at the bottom!


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