Cádiz: The First Official Tour

I’ve been wandering around Cadiz since my arrival last Saturday, so much of what I saw today on my first proper tour with a guide who knew what she was talking about – it was my teacher at the language school Christina – wasn’t new. But the Torre Tavira and its panoramic views was. Christina guided me and some of my fellow students at the school exclusively in Spanish which was hard going; I understood perhaps half of what was said but it was the essential stuff (I think, but then again, how would I know?). I intend at some point doing a tour in English – I imagine they are organised by the tourist office – to fill in the gaps but as I’m here for another four weeks there’s no rush. The tour ended with Gerhard from Austria (he’s the guy in yellow), his wife and me going for a beer and a chat about the Order of St. John. This is the eclectic life that I am currently leading! Enough waffle, on with the pictures, but just before you have a look at them it’s worth noting that all of the images below were taken using the 40mm compact lens for my already very compact Canon 100D camera. No zooming was available but once I got used to using it, I have to say it was fine. None of the images below are digitally enhanced in any way or cropped: what you see is what was taken! On with the show…

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