Cádiz: Semana Santa In Benedicion De Dios!

When I imagined Semana Santa in Cadiz, I thought it would be two or three religious-themed processions on Thursday and Friday of ‘holy week’. I wasn’t expecting thirty or more of them spread throughout the week and in many cases stretching late into the night. Last night the fact was brought home to me – almost literally – when one incense shrouded parade came within centimetres of the balcony of my room here in Benedicion de Dios as you will see by watching the videos below. Quite an amazing sight!


Same issue as with the sunset earlier this week. WordPress recognises the orginal length of the trimmed video. The first video above starts after about 30 seconds. Annoying!

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  1. I told ya…it goes on and on! Not seen any photos of the spiky hatted folks yet, is a cliche of most Cadiz Semana Santa blogs…

    • They were there in abundance – the girl with her hands around the candle is wearing one for example – and every procession has its contingent. The one dressed in black are slightly creepy…

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