Cádiz: Giving The GoPro A Shakedown

It’s not the first time I have used the GoPro camera but it is the first time on this trip that I’ve tried to use it for a proper purpose. The results are mixed. I filmed a time-lapse sunset which was OK but the camera seems to compensate for the darkening sky by becoming more sensitive to the light and the effect, I think, is diminished. In addition, the wide-angle nature of the lens makes the sun so small that it becomes less of a feature in the image. This doesn’t happen with the human eye. Perhaps I need to think more about the foreground of the picture. Downloading the video the iPad is also an issue as it comes in such a large file – it’s filmed in 4K HD quality!! – so I need to work my way around that. The still images were generally more successful although I do need to watch out for camera movement blur. The image of the single boat at sunset was particularly good and made good source material for an Instagrammed version of the image (which is also at the foot of this post). I’ll keep experimenting! The event shown, incidentally, was a tapas-themed evening in Cadiz with some of my fellow students at the school. They are all a little older than me but boy, can those Canadians and Austrians drink! The evening ended with, inevitably, a shot of liqueur…


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