Cádiz: El Museo De Cádiz, Part 2

So, that’s the ‘fine art’ section of the Museo de Cádiz done. Spanning the period from the 16th to the early 20th it’s a modest collection of paintings. The earlier stuff is full of virgins, anguished faces, cherubs, monks looking worried… You get my drift. The 16th and 17th centuries, viewed through their paintings at least, can’t have been the most joyous of times. I don’t claim to ‘understand’ paintings, but I do like the faces and the detail. The bigger picture (literally) often escapes me so here’s a small gallery of my own, the bits from the fine art collection of the Museo de Cádiz that caught my eye:

There is a small Rubens in the collection, probably big enough to repair a few schools if they were ever to flog it to the Qataries:


Here’s my favourite picture, from the more recent end of the collection, having been painted in 1930. It’s the one I would have on my living room wall (if I had a living room wall which I currently don’t):

And I’m not too sure about this one. Are they trying to give the fine art gallery a contemporary edge?


More of that kind of stuff on the third floor which I explore at some point in the next few days…

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  1. I remember when Charles Saachi’s warehouse of contemporary art burned down, taking with it things like Tracey Emin’s tent and her unmade bed. I cried and cried. With laughter. LOL!

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