Cádiz: The Pillars Of Hercules

I mentioned The Pillars of Hercules in the previous post and it gave me an idea for a dreary afternoon in Cádiz; see how many of them I could spot in coats of arms dotted around the city. The predominant coat of arms shown below is the one of the city of Cádiz itself but they also crop up in the arms of the University of Cádiz (the one with the tree) and on the flags of not just the city (and its football club) but also those of Andalucia and, as mentioned earlier, of Spain itself. Inlcuding the one from the Museo de Cádiz that inspired me to find the rest I was able to photograph 19 sets of pillars in total. As one of the pillars is Gibraltar, you can perhaps begin to understand why the Spaniards are so keen to get it back from the British!


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