Cádiz: A Journey Along The Costa De Luz

Sometimes images speak more than words. Today is a good case in mind. Thanks to my very enthusiastic (i.e. he seems to be very good at getting stuff done) fellow student of Spanish, Dutch Mike (he’s not called ‘Dutch Mike’, just ‘Mike’), a car was hired and four of us from the language school here in Cádiz headed first of all to Vejer de la Frontera…

…then to Tarifa (the place where I start my cycle on April 9th)…

…before an early evening journey along the coast back to Cádiz which included gazing at the sunset on the Costa de Luz just north of Trafalgar Point.

A good, enjoyable day! Here are four panoramas just to round the whole thing off:

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  1. I remember being in Tarifa once. Was taken into the old Guarda Civil post at the most southerly point to see it. Looking south you could draw a line in the sea where it looked so different to the west into the med and to the east out to the Atlantic. The Atlas Mountains also looked like a well endowed lady lying in her back (with a little imagination). I was working in Algeciras for a week which didn’t have much but I do remember a great Tapas place which was a euro a piece (did some great small buns with ham, chicken, fig and blue cheese). I went over to Ceuta for a quick trip, think that is easy enough for a short day trip. It’s kind of duty free there and has a strange mixed Spanish and North African feel. Can get your fix of sweet mint tea, cheap cigarettes, electronic goods and cheap petrol then head back. One thing I do remember was the large fence trying to control the border and the actual border crossing point which was quite busy as a lot of Moroccans have permit to work in Ceuta. Another thing was Moroccans smuggling tyres back into Morocco in a small industrial estate where they hide newly bought tyres inside the tyres on their wheels forcing them in with minimal tools and brut force before trying to hide the signs of the tampering by rubbing dust on the tyres (must have been a lot cheaper). They drove back over the border with 8 tyres on/in 4 wheels. Anyway that’s what I can remember. Hope the language is coming on well and you still have enough time for your last bit of cycle plans!!!

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