Cycling An Apology To Readers

So it’s Monday 9th March and I’m just about to start my second week at the language school here in Cádiz. Perhaps first of all I should apologise to all those people who are desperate for me to start writing about cycling once again. At the moment there is, for good reason, more of the ‘Europe’ in ‘‘ than ‘Cycling’. Much more. I suppose it’s inevitable in that my preoccupation for March is in trying to learn some Spanish rather than in cycling long distances. Those days will return at Easter of course when I return to my uncle’s apartment near Estepona, load up Reggie the bike with my paniers and set off on the cycle path to Nordkapp in Norway. After four months of that you might all be desperate for me to get back to the whimsical musings of my days in Cádiz. Or perhaps not. I’m trying not to neglect the cycling (he said in a desperate attempt to keep his readers on his side). I have found my local bike shop here in Cádiz and they are going to contact me when they have a sufficient number of people signed up for a cycling tour of the city. I’m also planning to post about the bicycles of Cádiz in an article similar to the one about grates and manholes below. And I’m constantly on the lookout for anything cycling-related. In fact, perhaps you can help me with this as I’m always happy to post articles written by others about their own cycling exploits, especially if they are in a good cause (although that’s not a condition). If you have just finished a cycling tour or have something planned for later in the year or indeed are involved in ‘cycling’ in its wider sense and have something to say that others will find interesting in reading, please do submit your thoughts, ideally with a few pictures and they could be headlining the ‘latest news‘ section of within hours (usually). The easiest way to contact me is via email: So, what are you waiting for?

Meanwhile here I am in Cádiz looking forward to a, err… packed week of language learning:

Well, it doesn’t look that busy but it will soon start filling up. I sense the patern of my timetable of lessons will change compared to last week so I haven’t yet filled it in. Added to that might be a couple of ‘cultural’ events organised by the school (although if one of them is flamenco-themed I’m busy that evening). Then I’ve got to squeeze in my two visits to the Museo de Cádiz (as explained in yesterday’s post) and my three runs around the city in order to keep up my stamina for the arduous months of pedalling that lay ahead. Finally, of course there are ‘events, dear boy, events’ of which I imagine there will be many. Watching the world go by in this elongated café on the opposite side of the square to the language school is currently one of my favourites…

Don’t forget, by the way, that should you really be suffering withdrawal symptoms from my cycling endeavours, both ‘Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie‘ and ‘Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie‘ are, until 7th April (the day I set off cycling), available to download at the bargain price of just £0.99 / $0.99 / €0.99 from Amazon. What are you waiting for? Happy cycling!

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