Cádiz: The Puerta De Tierra Meets The GoPro

The wonders of mobile blogging… I think I’ve more or less got the whole thing sorted. Here are a few GoPro shots from this morning, transferred wirelessly to my iPhone and beamed up to the Internet via 4G.  Hopefully also a couple of videos (but it’s there where the whole thing might fall apart. Wish me luck!)

One video with have to suffice: the 4G signal decided to downgrade itself to a 3G one… The only thing I’m struggling to do while using the phone is to easily arrange the pictures into a mosaic pattern. I’ll keep trying. Hopefully more adrenalin-fuelled GoPro action when I start cycling and if Reggie is up for the challenge. As you can see from the sign he wouldn’t have been allowed in anyway… Justice for bicycles! Bye for now, almost live from the cathedral steps in Cádiz.

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