Cádiz: Cerveza / Beer (And A Few Phoenicians…)

Thursday is turning out to be the night of indulgence. In previous weeks it has been tapas and this week it has been the turn of beer. That said the indulging was limited and it was more of a late afternoon event than a full-blown evening one but I digress… Lessons as normal this morning, home for lunch and a siesta (I’m getting better as each day passes) then back to the language school for a 3.45pm rendez-vous with my fellow students and one of our teachers. Here is the small motley crew minus Irishman Bernie and my good self:


From the left… Ava from South Korea, our teacher Marie-Lou, Paul (kneeling, not taking a crap) and above him Kate who are both from Vermont in the USA and then Mike from The Netherlands (via most other countries in the World) on the right.

Beer wasn’t initially the plan; an exhibition of Phoenician archeological ruins was. Entitled ‘Gadir: El Origen Fenicio’ the story of the first settlers of Cadiz was recounted in the cellar of a theatre that had subsequently been built over the top. The Phoenician remains  were ingeniously presented below a glass walkway following a dramatised CSI Cadiz syle film. But let’s move on to the beer… Mike noticed the sign first; it was for a micro brewery in a building attached to the theatre. Called Maier, a very engaging chap called Jesús (don’t worry, it’s quite common in these parts) welcomed us into the small room packed with beer making equipment. Tastings followed as did a few purchases. Jesús did his job extremely well! An interesting little company and, dare I say, a bit more engaging than the Phoenicians next door. Tonight, as I plough through the final few chapters of my book all about contemporary Spain, I’ll be taking the odd sip or two. Queue the photos!

After all that we wandered home…


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