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The Mathematics Of Cycling

I now find myself with several ‘jobs’. Although no longer a full-time teacher, I continue to spend two or three days every week in schools. I visited one particular secondary today – Salendine Nook High near Huddersfield here in West Yorkshire – and found this. Worth sharing I […]

Science, By Bike

You’re cycling down the road and you see something ahead of you on the tarmac. It’s not moving and appears somewhat flattened. Rubbish? Horse shit? A hub cap? You get a little closer and discover it’s none of these… it’s a hedgehog. Or rather it was. As the […]

Spain To Norway: The Verdict

Don’t believe any author, actor, painter, candlestick-maker… who says they don’t read their reviews. Of course they do. They then just deny it so as to sound self-deprecating. However, perhaps because of the long road along which I have pedalled both literally as well as metaphorically to becoming […]