“Loneliness Of The Long Distance Cyclist?” Oh Dear…

A few months ago in late springย I was interviewed over the phone (I suppose that bit is important) by a journalist from The Weekly News. Excellent! It was a nice chat with Craig, I sent him some pictures and he proceeded to write the article and send it to the editor of his newspaper for publication. Nothing appeared in June or July and I began to wonder if my storyย had been jettisoned in favour of another. In August I headed off to Scotland for my short cycling tour and began to forget all about it… But a few days ago I remembered about the interview and emailed Craig; yes, it had appeared in mid-August. Brilliant! Today, he emailed across the page where the article had appeared and… oh dear. Who is that bloke next to Reggie?* It’s not me!122523210.XdG6MV7Y.IMG_29273000x200075crop

*It is, in fact, my cousin Richard. He gets quite a few mentions in Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie as I met up with him for a few days in Andalusia. I’m sure even he would admit that he is no great cyclist but, as you can see above, he did pose with Reggie. The photo of him with the bike wasn’t one that I supplied to the newspaper – these are the ones that were – so I can only assume that they found it here on It made me smile…

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      • That is a very teacher reply, now I know how it feels!!!
        Obviously I hadn’t read it!! I must have just skimmed it and then jumped to reading the article, and then not gone back to read what you had put. He looks enough like you that it was possible, so I suppose I wasn’t actually asking the question so much as making an exclamation through a rhetorical question!! Sorry, sir! I will read the full text properly next time.

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