Reading And Writing Encouragement

B2Rcj79CUAAKPwANow back in the UK after my successful cycle from Tarifa to Nordkapp, at some point over the next few weeks (or more likely months) my mind will turn towards completing the European cycling trilogy of books that started with Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie and continued with Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie. Two reviews for the second book appeared on today; they might perhaps act as encouragement to other readers to read but they also act as encouragement to me to write…

“Great book; can’t wait for the next”

“Loved this book and can’t wait for the next. I find the dry humour very easy to get along with. The travel story itself is good but Andrew makes it accessible and does plenty of research to make it interesting; rather than it just being about the act of cycling it is a journey by bike and ought to encourage anyone who has any sort of inkling for adventure to want to have a go themselves, although I challenge you to write a commentary as good! It’s hard to imagine cataloguing all the situations, people, conversations and humour as you go but Andrew does a brilliant job of doing so. If you haven’t already seen it the author also has an entertaining blog which follows his journeys. His most recent having just concluded means there are lots of blog, picture and video entries to read.” Ian Sharp

“Second tour of Europe by bicycle”

“Excellent second book of cycling through, or across Europe by Andrew Sykes. This time from Greece to Portugal. Not skipping over the hard bits, including the mentally hard bits, this book is a great read and excellent guide for anyone planning their own jaunt over all or any part of the route. Many place names and road sections give clues as what to expect if you go that way. Alternatively even if you are an armchair traveller this book is worth picking up.” ‘Moonwillow’

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