“Beautifully Written…” / “Like A Good Conversation With A Friend”

A couple of new reviews. The first from Paul Dennis at for Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie:

Along the Med on a Bike called Reggie“Once again Andrew Sykes (and Reggie) lead you on an adventure, exploring new places and making you feel like you are actually there with them. Beautifully written with natural wit and a view on life that anyone, not just cyclists, can associate with. Andrew strikes a perfect balance between informing you of what he has witnessed, enjoyed and endured each day without smothering you in details that could smack of self indulgence. After reading both “Crossing Europe” and “Along the Med” I have been left with the desire to do something beyond my usual cycle jaunts and that is solely down to the way Andrew makes you feel that everything he has written about can be achieved by the next man (or woman). An inspiring read from an inspiring author. Hurry up and make plans for the next adventure Andrew, I am raring to go!!!!”

Fear not Paul, I’m on the case.

The second review is from Susan Rauen on for the first book, Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie:

“Well written – better than most travel stories: Author conveys the reality of this type of cycling, both ups and downs. Like a good conversation with a friend. Enjoyed it very much as well as the sequel.”

Thanks toย both Paul and Susan for their feedback. It is very much appreciated and I’m delighted that you both enjoyed the books.

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