“Engaging, Light-Hearted, Informative, Inspiring…” 5*

It’s good to know that ‘Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie‘ is still finding new fans. Here’s a review just posted byย Daniel Cox on (where you can currently download the eBook for just ยฃ1.55 – bargain!):

cover“Given I thoroughly enjoy cycling and European travel, I had high hopes of liking this book… and it hasn’t disappointed whatsoever. The pace of the storytelling is ideal; no item is dwelled upon too long, yet items of real interest are never skipped over/ignored. I also found it a struggle to put the book down… eager to know how the next part of Andrew’s journey unfolded. The book also provides plenty of evidence of the warmth of human nature, with many tales told of a number of people of different age, gender and nationality helping Andrew along the journey.

If you like cycling, and are perhaps looking for some inspiration to turn over a few pedals, this book is ideal. After all, Andrew is a just a normal* bloke who packed a few panniers (with obligatory uncomfortable camping mat!), bought some maps and went for it… with unforgettable and memorable results.ย I shall be purchasing Andrew’s ‘Along the Med‘ book and will be following his 2015 journey from Spain to Norway closely.”

[*There I was thinking that I was a superhero…]

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