“An Epic Journey… Inspiring For Cyclists And Non-Cyclists Alike”

Two new reviews for ‘Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie‘…

‘Guru’ writes on

5* – An epic journey across the Mediterranean by Reggie and a man called Andrew

“I read Andrew’s first book Crossing Europe on a Bike called Reggie twice and enjoyed it even more the second time! There is no doubt I shall be reading this one again. To call his journey “epic” is an understatement. It literally transported me along his route. I shared in his cycling all the way – elation, tiredness, ascending, descending not just hills but high emotion!

An instant lesson in history, geography and even physics thrown in it has been an enlightening read. Andrew’s style of writing is exquisite and gripping. At times very funny and others emotional. An essential read for any cyclist or traveller, or if you fancy just the simplicities of life!”

‘H’ writes on

5* – Enjoyable armchair adventure, inspiring for cyclists and non-cyclists alike

“I have, like the author prior to his first long trek, done modest bike tours connecting five to so overnight stops. Never have I crossed a continent, despite numerous urges that I should do so. This book and Sykes’ previous one about his Reading to Brindisi tour have both inspired me to get out of the chair, back on the bike, and [go] for longer trips in the future. If I do so, I will have Andrew to thank. If not, only myself to blame but at least I enjoyed a couple of fine books while contemplating a future epic journey. Enjoy!”

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