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Return To The Rhine In 2019?

Welcome to Andermatt… Alas I’m not there at the moment. Although if I were, I dare say it wouldn’t look like it did in August 2010 when the picture above was taken. I suspect it might be somewhat whiter. I was, of course, en route for southern Italy […]

Spain To Norway: Lekker Ding!

When it comes to cycling, the Dutch know what they are talking about. The Netherlands has featured often on these pages although as a cyclist, I’ve only ever spent a day and a bit travelling in the country. Back in 2015, it was cycling day 42 of my […]

Cycling Five Countries In One Day?

Is it possible? I cycled eight countries in nearly four months back in 2015 but five in one day? According to Karsten Koehler, yes it was and in April 2016 he set about proving his suspicion by heading to Belgium with his bike… Here he explains his motivation: I […]

Cycling Day T+2: Honningsvåg

As the sun peeks over the hill at 5am, it’s just me and a certain bicycle waiting by the quayside in Honningsvåg for the start of our long and hopefully leisurely journey back to Yorkshire. The MS Lofoten has yet to dock but when it does it’s a […]

Cycling Day 74: Kvikne To Viggja

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. Again, a day on which I expected only to cycle a modest number of kilometres but which in the end turned out to be significantly above average in terms of length. It was made somewhat easier by this: […]

Cycling Day 73: Grimsbu To Kvikne

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. I’m about to start writing… And here I am. I’ve showered, eaten, washed the dishes (OK, there aren’t that many) and I’m sacrificing listening to Any Questions on Radio 4 in order to write up about not just […]

Cycling Day 67: Tanumshede To Høysand

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. First up today was a short wander around this reconstructed Bronze Age village just next to where I had camped. It compared quite well to my tent accommodation… Then breakfast at the local supermarket where I bumped into […]

Cycling In France (Review)

I did promise to write one of the reviews after each country (here’s the one about Spain) but I am only now sitting down to write the review about cycling in France. As before, it may make more sense if you go back and read the post I […]

Cycling Day 42: Maastricht To Aachen

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. The collegiate atmosphere of the five cycling tourists on the one small patch of ground at the campsite south of Maastricht continued this morning as we all packed away our things are readied ourselves to head off in […]