The Best Destinations for Cycling in Europe

By Kevin Raneri

European cities provide a great experience for anyone looking to explore their destinations on a bike. Exploring beautiful routes with the wind in your hair is a unique experience. The cities boast excellent cycling routes, stunning views of the countryside, infrastructure for cyclists, and bike-sharing services.

Some of the top destinations include:

  • Amsterdam
  • Bordeaux
  • Strasbourg
  • Barcelona
  • Ljubljana
  • Berlin
  • Utrecht
  • Paris
  • Vienna 

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a beautiful resort in the south-west of France. It is a perfect venue for enjoying good wine, gourmet food, and memorable bike rides. The quiet streets of Bordeaux and enchanting views present a stunning setting. You will discover scenic areas filled with rows of vineyards and romantic landscapes. 

To enjoy an unforgettable experience riding your favourite means of transport, explore the city’s 200 kilometres of cycling routes. You can ride along the wine route and explore the numerous chateaux. On the other hand, the city is investing in tramways, thus reducing traffic and making the roads safer for cyclists.


Vienna is fantastic for cycling. The Austrian capital offers more than 1,200 kilometres of cycling routes. Local authorities continue to expand the cycling routes beyond the city limits. You can visit local attractions riding on your bike.

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The French capital is one of the best European destinations for sightseeing on a bicycle. The city is investing in the bike-sharing system. The present service known as Vรฉlib’ has been active since 2007 and it is available to both residents and tourists. It offers a convenient way to rent one of the bikes available on the Parisian streets. 

Currently, the system offers over 20,000 bicycles and approximately 1,800 parking racks. You can explore Europe’s most romantic city by riding light and graceful.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht has made transport on bicycles a real institution. With 12,500 parking racks, the city has the biggest bicycle park in Europe. The parking service offers unlimited parking for free in the first 24 hours. Utrecht is also on the front line for road signs dedicated to cyclists.

In Utrecht, you can pedal safely in city traffic. It boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. Crossing its medieval centre is a real pleasure thanks to its enchanting views.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a perfect city for those who love cycling. Students, workers, and many tourists use bicycles to move from one neighbourhood to another. Estimates predict that more than 400,000 urban cyclists traverse on 160 kilometres of cycle paths throughout the city. 

The “Call a Bike” service allows you to borrow a bicycle for short journeys and return it to one of the depots. In a city filled with cyclists, you will find that even the traffic lights are bike-friendly. They have a light signal for cyclists. If you love cycling, the big cities, and the contemporary artistic effervescence, Berlin is for you.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana boasts the title of the European Green Capital Award for 2016. The special care and attention to bike-friendly infrastructure keep growing. As a result, the efficient rental system is a source of pride for Slovenians.

Barcelona, Spain

For some time, the Catalan city has been working to improve its bike-sharing service. In the last few years, Barcelona has experienced a cycling tourist boom and a significant improvement in the bike rental system. Cycling is the best way to visit the city. You are sure to enjoy admiring the monuments, the port, and the beach.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a magnificent city with iconic architecture dominated by the majestic Gothic cathedral. It is not only the seat of the European Parliament and the European Commission for Human Rights but well known as the best French city for cycling. 

In the last few years, authorities commissioned 536 kilometres of cycling paths. As a result, the metropolis boasts the largest cycling network in the entire country. 

Bike-sharing is a great way to explore this romantic and elegant city. You will find sizable paid parking in different parts of the city. It is safe to say Strasbourg will not disappoint you.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is a bike-friendly capital of the world. Estimates show that 60 percent of urban travel in the city is by bicycle. The Dutch city has over one million bikes and 400 kilometres of city cycle paths, which run from the centre to the periphery. 

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  1. Nice article and I agree that Bordeaux (where I lived for 3 years) belongs on this list, but I think the writer is talking mostly about the Bordeaux region (the Bordelais) rather than only the city. Bordeaux is a wonderful city but it doesn’t have “rows of vineyards” in the city center! Also, Bordeaux isn’t a resort but rather a very busy metropolitan area with lots of insane traffic. On the other hand, most of the city center is pedestrians-only with some bike lanes, there are lovely bike lanes along the river right in the heart of town, and there’s an extensive tramway system to cut down on cars. There are also some fabulous bike routes starting in Bordeaux and heading to the Atlantic coast, to Toulouse, and to those famous Bordelais vineyards. A city I would add to the list is Montreal. It’s full of bike routes and bike lanes, you can rent one of the city’s bikes in any neighborhood, and there are wonderful longer bike trips to take outside the city, like on the Petit Train du Nord, a former train track converted to a bike route that goes from Montreal north to the Mont Tremblant ski area.

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