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Mont Ventoux: The Mountain, The Man… And The Wine

An interesting present from an old friend yesterday; a bottle of ‘Tom and the Peloton‘ wine. It’s an AOC from the Ventoux area of France and is dedicated to Tom Simpson, the cyclist who died near the summit of Mont Ventoux during the 13th stage of the Tour […]


A Summer Of Cycling (And Cruising…)

So, summer has arrived. Well, meteorological summer. Pedants who insist on sticking with the astronomical one (which starts on June 21st) will still have to live in spring for a few more weeks but the rest of us are already basking in the sunshine… (That’s how it works, […]

Return To The Rhine In 2019?

Welcome to Andermatt… Alas I’m not there at the moment. Although if I were, I dare say it wouldn’t look like it did in August 2010 when the picture above was taken. I suspect it might be somewhat whiter. I was, of course, en route for southern Italy […]