The Decathlon Innovation Awards / The Aptonia Double Use System

A few weeks ago I received an invitation from Decathlon to attend the annual Decathlon Innovation Awards in Lille, France. Great! Well, in the end I had to withdraw as I had the slight matter of a job interview to attend last Friday… However, this is the product that won the top award: the Aptonia Double Use System. Quite a clever idea I suppose:

French humour. Hopefully you understood it…

Note from Decathlon: “The Zenith played host to the 11th edition of the Decathlon Innovation Awards last night, with over 2000 employees, 200 industrial partners, 70 journalists and 50 customers all present.ย 10 Brands presented their top Innovation of 2015, to the audience and thousands online.ย After over 4,000 votes, there was a strong winner, the Aptonia ‘Double Use System’.”

(P.S. I got the job…)

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