Cycling Orléans To Paris

From Clare of Mon Vélo Et Moi

“Earlier in the year I bough a French book from Chamina publishers which plots the route from Tours to Namur along the, as yet unrealised with signs, Eurovelo 3.  The directions in the book weren’t great when I did Namur to Paris at Easter but the general overview from Orleans to Paris is as follows:

  1. Canal d’Orleans to Montargis (via Combreux and Donnery) (85km)
  2. Valley of the Loing from Montargis to Veneux-les-Sablons (via Nemours et Dordives) (55km)
  3. Valley of the Seine from V-l-S to Choisy-le-Roi (via Corbeil-Essonnes and Melun) (85km)
  4. Follow the Seine into Paris. (29km)

Not sure if that is of any help.  It is the plan for the EV3 and I saw some signs at Easter although not enough to rely on. Enjoy Orleans and enjoy the cycle.”

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