Rest Days 3 And 4: Loir Et Cher

There was a little bit of cycling yesterday (rest day 3) – 30 km from Chateau-Renault to Couture-sur-Loir – to visit my former colleague Liz after a train journey from Tours, but much of the day was spent resting and the cycling didn’t count towards the continental crossing as I’ll be back in Tours tomorrow for my onward journey in the direction of Amboise.

So, what does a cyclist do when he has two days off? Arrive, relax and play with the dogs:

And then on rest day 4, visit the ruined castle in Frรฉteval where Henry II met Thomas Becket to make friends (before falling out again):

Wash his bike (and his clothes) only to discover discover a broken front wheel spoke (I’ll hopefully get it replaced in Tours tomorrow; my fingers are crossed that the wheel will survive the 30 km back to the train in Chateau-Renault):

Explore the fortified tunnel near Montoire where Hitler slept on his armoured train after a meeting with Pรฉtain in 1940:

Before packing everything up to get back on the road at 7am in the morning for cycling day 31:

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