Rest Day 5: Paris

So nice to see not just a few but lots of familiar faces in Paris; colleagues and students from my old school, Gillotts, in Henley-on-Thames. It was honestly bizarre to be accompanying a group of children but ultimately having no responsibility for them whatsoever. That said, it has brought into sharp focus just how nice it is to spend time with a large group of people rather than just myself. I could do with a day like today once every few weeks. Most of the pictures I took today were up and around the Eiffel Tower. Note the sign banning the current Parisian craze of attaching padlocks to anything that doesn’t move. On with the show!


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  1. What is it with all those padlocks?? Some of the foot bridges over the Seine would have been un-paintable without a couple of days work with an angle grinder. Uncreative vandalism.


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