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The Cycle Touring Festival 2023: Next weekend!

The 2023 ‘in-person’ (as opposed to online) Cycle Touring Festival is only a week away! Taking place in Clitheroe and now in its 9th year, it will gather together the cycle touring community (or a small part of it) at Waddow Hall for two days of talks, discussions and kit comparison. All washed down with good food and beer. I have nothing to say this year and am not speaking (although I am leading the discussion on ‘France’ which will hopefully have more input from the audience than from me).

Crossing Europe… By Train – Part 1

I’m off on my summer travels… but without the bike and initially on the train. Or, rather, quite a few trains. My plan is to get as far as Chamonix by Saturday afternoon where I will meet up with a group of people for a guided hiking holiday – the Tour de Mont Blanc – and I am current awaiting the departure of my next train from one of Paris’ lesser-known stations, Bercy.

2023 UCI Cycling World Championships

This website tends to be about cycle touring and related matters, but quite often veers off in the direction of other cycling-themed areas, for example professional cycling. I can’t say that I follow professional cycling religiously. I have a reasonable passing interest in it and will take the time to follow if I can. I remember working in France in the 1990s and watching the Tour de France on the TV in the afternoons after work. It was – and remains – a brilliant way to get to know France! When Le Tour came to Yorkshire that was fun and last year on my Grand Tour of Europe I had the opportunity of visiting the world headquarters of the UCI in Aigle, Switzerland which was interesting (see video below).

Happy Yorkshire (Cycling) Day

The weather may be more reminiscent of winter but it is August 1st and that means it’s Yorkshire Day. What better an opportunity (especially bearing in mind that it’s chucking it down outside) to sit back and watch three Yorkshire-themed cycling videos from recent years. If you happy to live in Lancashire, you’ll also benefit from a few minutes of your county at the start of the Way of the Roses film. Happy Yorkshire Day!

A Look At The Top Cycle Routes In North Yorkshire

If you’re thinking of booking a cycling holiday, there’s no better place than North Yorkshire.  Given it’s the UK’s largest county by area, it’s no surprise that there are some incredible cycle routes just waiting to be explored. Travelling with a bike is also very easy. If you have enough space in the boot of your car, you won’t have to find a suitable transportation rack. If you do need one, just make sure to follow the general driving laws. Alternatively, you can travel by train. Most operators allow bikes in designated areas, so ensure you reserve a space in advance. Whether you’re looking for a trip down quiet country roads, a tour through historical cities, or a visit to seaside resorts, we’ve got you covered. In no particular order, here are our favourite cycle routes in North Yorkshire.

The Culzean Way

Here’s an interesting email from the cyclist and filmmaker Marcus Stitz… I’ve featured his films on CyclingEurope.org before; he is based in Scotland and many of his films are about routes in Scotland but he also ventures further afield. The Culzean Way, however, is one of his Scottish films and when I saw the name I did think it sounded familiar. I’ve just realised why… Culzean Castle!

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And Here’s A Round Up Of The Cycling Europe News…

The holidays are here! Well, half term. Just a week but the sun is shining and my bicycle – the one I use when I’m pottering around and about the area where I live – will be back from its impromptu service tomorrow morning. On my commute to work earlier in the week I got a puncture. Not in itself a reason for giving the bike a service but since I purchased the Ribble hybrid bike about 18 months ago, I’ve been keen to replace the Schwalbe G-One tyres with Schwalbe Marathon Plus, and here was my opportunity. It made sense to give the bike a service at the same time and the mobile mechanic that I use will be delivering the bike back to me in the morning. I hope the weather continues to be nice for the rest of the week and, indeed for the rest of the summer (that’s perhaps hoping for too much) as I continue my daily commutes to and from work.