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Just received an exciting tweet from CycleSense in Tadcaster. She’s arrived a week early! I’ve now spoken to Dave who runs the shop and I’ve arranged tomorrow as hand-over day. Expect a few photos from the cycle home tomorrow afternoon… Just as I ordered!

The Art Of Camping

The weather report from the Cycle Touring Festival in Clitheroe is not great this Sunday morning. Somewhat reminiscent of Switzerland in August 2010; very wet but not that cold. (More details in ‘Crossing Europe…‘.) Yesterday, however… Beautiful!

Buying A Touring Bike: The Thoughts Of David Sinclair

Another post in the context of ‘investing in’ a new touring bicycle. A reminder that a few weeks ago I ordered a custom-built Koga Signature WorldTraveller touring bike from CycleSense in Tadcaster. Since then, I’ve been reflecting on the process and some of the component parts; the handlebars for one and the front dynamo hub that generates electricity for another. David Sinclair provided some very interesting advice on the latter point and he’s been in touch again in response to me asking why he went down the route of not purchasing a Koga and opting for a custom-made Hewitt bicycle.

Treacherous Times In Border Country

Today has been a little like an episode of Line Of Duty; it starts all mundane and then quickly descends into all kinds of shenanigans. The day started with cats in Yorkshire and ended with a fall down a 30-metre ravine in South America. That should keep you […]

The Cycling Europe Podcast Returns… (And It Needs Your Help)

It’s been quite a few months since the last episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast and a new instalment is well overdue. Attentive followers of this website over the last few weeks will have noted that one subject has predominated; my investment in a new touring bicycle. At this time of the year, when northern hemisphere cyclists are beginning to think about where they might pedal off to in the summer, it seems a timely topic of conversation.