Le Grand Tour: Day 59 – Gernsheim To Braubach (135km)

CURRENT LOCATION: Hotel Bellavista (Italian Restaurant), Braubach

Such a contrast after three tedious days of cycling. The Rhine has come back to me! It was an epic day in terms of length – 130km – but also in terms of the environment. Finally the steep-sided Rhine valley has materialised and those cliff-top castles have appeared. Today was up there with some of the best cycles of the entire summer 2022 ‘Grand Tour’ journey. Enjoy the pictures and the videos as I have little energy to add much to what you can see…


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  1. Blink and you miss it! 4:29 in I think that’s the Lorelei on the right? I see you didn’t succumb to the temptations of Rüdesheim, Germany’s 2nd biggest foreign tourist attraction. 135km is impressive. You going for it, or skipping Bonn, Köln, Düsseldorf and Druisberg? (I suggest the latter)

    • Now arrived near Cologne – stayed with a friend overnight – and am getting the train today to Xanter – 100km to the north – leaving me three days to cycle to The Hook of Holland (and then back to the ferry…)

      • Xanten is really nice, though I flew through it. For some reason it reminded me of Chester with a massive windmill. Possibly the Roman excavation. Keep an eye out for Kleve, (as in Anne of Cleeves) and Kernie’s FamilienPark, the funfair built on the site (and using the buildings of) an incomplete nuclear power station.

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