Andrew arrived at Nordkapp on July 28th



For the duration of his trip (April until the end of July), the ‘wonderful, witty, inspirational’ cycling travelogues ‘Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie‘ and ‘Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie‘ can be downloaded for the special price of just £1.99 / $2.99 / €2.99 on Amazon Kindle.

You can find more details of his route here.

Comments on are always welcome. Alternatively you can interact with Andrew via the Cycling Europe Facebook page or via Twitter (not forgetting Instagram, Flickr and YouTube of course!). If you’d like to offer him a bed for the night or a patch of grass for his tent he’s even on Warmshowers.

The final book of the European cycling trilogy will be published in 2016

BBC-Radio-LogoListen to Andrew ‘s discussion with Martin Kelner about cycling, travel and music  by following this link

What they are saying about ‘Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie’:

“Andrew P. Sykes once again delivers a wryly amusing and inspirational account of his travels on Reggie” “A brilliant book, I can’t put it down… excellent writing style and plenty of humour” “I found his writing made me want to keep turning the pages. His self-deprecating and dry, delightful wit are a joy” “Beautifully written with natural wit and a view on life that anyone, not just cyclists, can associate with.”

Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie and Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie recount the author’s continental cycling journeys of 2010 and 2013 respectively. 

: eBook/Kindle & paperback
 : paperback
 : iBook 
 : eBook 

“Inspired by Olympic athletes, secondary school teacher & naive touring cyclist Andrew Sykes set off on a trans-continental cycling adventure from his home in southern England along pilgrimage route to Rome & beyond. A comical tale recounting the highs & lows of six weeks in the saddle, for cyclists and non-cyclists alike!”Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 12.17.37


7 responses to “Andrew arrived at Nordkapp on July 28th

  1. Hi Andrew, great to follow your ride, it’s inspired me to do more myself. i see you track your ride with cyclemeter. How do you keep your iPhone charged enough? Do you use solar power or bike Dynamo?

    • It certainly is inspirational. I would love to do this ride, meet the people (even grumpy youth hostel receptionists), see the changing landscape and even choose a new pair of sunglasses!
      Andrew – keep pedalling.

    • I found something on line last week about changing the settings on the iPhone to reduce battery usage. I’m also keeping mobile coverage switched off while I ride and this helps a lot. The GPS track is still recorded by Cyclemeter and then uploaded when you go back on line from time to time. I have. PowerMonkey Extreme battery 7,000 ??? (whatever the unit is) that I plug into the mains whenever I can. I use that to top up the phone if needed. I do have a solar panel for the PowerMonkey but I’m not convinced as to how effective it is and I haven’t used it yet on this trip. I will at some point no doubt. Hope that helps.

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