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It all started with a cycle along the spine of England in 2009, then in 2010 a cycle south across Europe and a follow-up book. In 2013 I crossed Europe again from east to west, on the same bike, Reggie

The journey continues in 2014. The second book – Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie – is due out in July and there is a third (and final?) European bicycle journey to plan for 2015 or 2016 from Santiago de Compostela, Spain to Trondheim, Norway, perhaps even to North Cape to see the midnight sun… Stayed tuned!

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“Inspired by Olympic athletes, secondary school teacher & naive touring cyclist Andrew Sykes set off on a trans-continental cycling adventure from his home in southern England along pilgrimage route to Rome & beyond. A comical tale recounting the highs & lows of six weeks in the saddle, for cyclists and non-cyclists alike!”Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 12.17.37

As you are looking around the site, click play below, leave this window open and listen to my BBC interview recorded at the end of August 2011. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi Andrew! How about an interview to a bloger from Greece?
    Best wishes!

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for following me on Twitter. You may / not be interested in reading a ride that started in 1991 and is now a ten year repeat by a group of aging cyclists. We plan on going back to repeat it in 2021. Perhaps not very adventurous, but we enjoy it, camping wherever we can and enjoying the peace and quiet of Pyrenean roads. In the meantime I will look up ‘Reggie’ Regards,

    Ian McVety

  3. Great project! If You’ll need any help passing trough Croatia (Dalmatian region and coast) pleas contact us! ;)

  4. Pagan Cidergod

    One more thing, I’d recommend the beer as well as the coffee. In particular I would recommend Korca, a dark beer from the town of that name in the South, and Peja, a pale, etherial beer, so light it’s almost not there but at the same time delicious (hope that makes some sort of sense) from the town of that name in Kosovo. The raki is good too, the equivalent of grappe in Italy but much smoother and drinkable.

  5. Pagan Cidergod

    Nice actions. For me the nicest action was when I was coming out of Perrenjas mid morning up a steep road into the mountains towards the Macedonian border under exceptionally heavy rain. A bunch of young blokes stopped me and took me into a restaurant to buy me coffees. They had about as many words of English as I have Albanian but combined with a bit of sign language and a bit of intuition we managed to get along OK.

  6. Dear Andrew,
    I just got the link to your blog on your cycling trip from Greece to Portugal from a cycling buddy with whom I will be continuing our summer biking trip that started last year in Dresden and will hopefully eventually take us to the Black Sea. This year (starting this Friday) will be doing the stretch from Vienna to as far as we get in Hungary in 10 days.
    Your adventures in Albania are of particular interest to me (US citizen, born in Germany and, after growing up in the States and taking a long trip after my studies, in Germany for about 35 years now thanks to my German wife) because my mother was born in Albania and I still haven’t managed to go there. A nephew of mine spent several days there but said the people weren’t very friendly and, of course, there was the language problem that you also encountered.
    Anyway I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip – whenever I get around to planning a trip, I may get in touch to get some advice.
    Until then happy cycling!
    Mike Meadows

    • Hi
      Feel free to get in touch when you do. You may be interested in reading my comments about cycling day 11 just posted. As for the people… Most don’t speak English but I’ve been managing to communicate fine. They are as nice as you’d find anywhere else I suppose and I’ve be on the receiving end of some very nice actions.
      Good luck planning your trip

    • Pagan Cidergod

      I spent 4 days crossing Albania last year on a bike from Durres on the coast to Tirane and thence to Elbasan and Perrenjas and onwards into Macedonia and I found the Albanian people to be exceptionally friendly. I think it’s the sort of country where you get what you give. Learning a few words of Albanian beforehand certainly helped as although a few people in Tirane speak a little English (and some there speak very good English), outside the capital only a few have a smattering. There are more people with a bit of Italian and German than English as some people have worked in these countries for a while. The coffee is more or less uniformly good though.

  7. Andrew, I’ll be in Portugal from 12th June for eight days. I’ll be having a look at cycling routes along the coast from Vila Real de Santo Antonio westwards to Cabo de San Vicente. All the best for your ride. I am enjoying the adventures of Reggie on my Kindle.


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